Independent Non-Executive Services

In a fast-moving and constantly evolving sector, having an experienced and independent non-executive director, such as Veryan, can be a game-changer for your business, helping you to navigate complexities, make informed decisions, and drive sustainable growth.

Strategic Insight and Industry Experience

With a deep understanding of agricultural, horticultural, and agritech sectors, Veryan offers a unique perspective through her extensive industry experience and strategic insights  to help you navigate complex challenges and identify growth opportunities.

Unbiased Perspective and Stakeholder Engagement

Through her unbiased perspective as an independent non-executive, Veryan is able to foster constructive dialogue, encourage collaboration, and engage stakeholders effectively to achieve strategic alignment and stakeholder satisfaction.

Governance, Compliance, and Performance Evaluation

Using her expertise and experience, Veryan can support you in implementing and adhering to high standards of governance and risk management, enhanced transparency, and objective performance evaluation to drive continuous improvement.  

Strategic Advisory Services

Veryan can provide strategic guidance on critical matters such as business growth, and market expansion. Her deep understanding of the industry enables her to provide valuable insights and support informed decision-making.

Governance and Risk Management

Offering guidance to mitigate risks and establish robust governance frameworks, Veryan helps organisations navigate regulatory landscapes, develop effective policies and procedures, and ensure compliance with industry standards.

Stakeholder Engagement and Relationship Management

Veryan’s expertise in stakeholder management helps build strong connections with shareholders, customers, employees, and regulatory bodies through supporting you with the design and implementation of effective strategies and communication practices.

Performance Evaluation and Board Development

Optimise board performance through comprehensive evaluations conducted by Veryan, assessing effectiveness, identifying improvement areas, and providing recommendations to enhance board dynamics and effectiveness.

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