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Nurturing Growth: My Philosophy for Sustainable Agricultural Success

Who is Veryan Bliss?

Veryan Bliss is an established leader in agricultural consultancy with an unwavering commitment to sustainability and Agritech. A respected name in the industry, Veryan has two decades of strategic leadership and advisory experience at board level, spanning multiple product categories with an emphasis on protected salads.

Career Highlights and Industry Representation

With a storied career centred on fostering improvements in technical and commercial aspects, Veryan has consistently contributed to policy formulation, compliance assurance, promotion of change, and delivery of efficiencies. Among her significant achievements include serving as the Commercial Technical Director for Suncrop Produce Ltd, where she excelled in managing technical, new product development, environmental, and social governance aspects.

As an active industry representative in several esteemed organisations, Veryan’s experience spans from serving on the Red Tractor Fresh Produce Sector Board to the Waitrose Agronomy Group & Waitrose Farming Partnership Group. A long-standing Non-Executive Director for the Fresh Produce Consortium, she effectively addresses a spectrum of industry issues from EU plant health to food security.

Involvement in Agri Tech and Non-Executive Roles

Veryan’s roles in Agri Tech includes advising PES Technologies, consultant for SoilPoint Ltd/Kingston Companies, mentor for the AgriTech accelerator programme at the University of Lincoln and Barclays Eagle labs and industry expert advisor to the venture builder, Carbon 13.

Veryan is a Council member of the East of England Agricultural  Society.


With a distinguished career spanning over three decades, Veryan Bliss is a renowned leader in the agricultural and horticultural industry, offering unparalleled expertise in sustainability, agritech, supply chain and strategic guidance. As a highly respected consultant, Veryan brings a wealth of experience to the table, delivering exceptional results and driving positive change for her clients.


Professional Experience

Veryan’s previous experience as a Commercial Technical Director for Suncrop Produce has given her unique insight into industry dynamics, making her an invaluable consultant within the sector. Her tenure in this role allowed her to develop a deep understanding of technical and commercial aspects, while fostering relationships with suppliers, customers, and legislative bodies.

Veryan’s extensive portfolio showcases the achievements that have brought her industry recognition. With her strategic leadership and advisory roles at the board level, she has made a significant impact in multiple areas, particularly within the realm of protected salads, agricultural innovation, and supply chain management.


Board Appointments and Non-Executive Directorships

Veryan proudly serves as a Non-Executive Director, Council member and board advisor for a number of prominent organisations within the sector. Her current appointments include:

  • Council member for the East of England Agriculture Society.
  • Non-executive Director for the Fresh Produce Consortium (FPC), where she actively contributes to critical issues including EU plant health, food law, and transportation.
  • Sits on the Fresh Produce Sector Board for the Red Tractor scheme, providing industry expertise and guidance regarding scheme, standards, and brand development.
  • Invited to sit on the Leckford Estate Regenerative Agriculture Steering Group, advising and supporting the direction of the Estate to deliver regenerative farming strategy.
  • Elected Co-Chair of the Waitrose Agronomy Group & Waitrose Farming Partnership Group, developing technical agronomic policies, developing accredited training programmes, and forming part of the team that developed the Waitrose Farm Assessment.


Portfolio Clients

In addition to her directorship and board roles, Veryan’s portfolio of clients reflects her diverse range of skills and comprehensive industry knowledge. Notable clients include:

  • Acting as a retained advisor to PES Technologies.
  • Trials, agronomy and ESG consultant for SoilPoint Ltd/Kingston Companies.
  • Technical Consultant and project lead for Food Forensics Ltd.
  • Offering mentoring and coaching through the AgriTech Accelerator Program.
  • Expert advisor and mentor for the Carbon 13 Venture.
  • Project Assessor for Innovate UK.


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