Expert Guidance for Your Agribusiness Growth

Empowering your journey with strategic solutions and innovative agritech services.

Food Intelligence was founded by Veryan Bliss, an industry expert and experienced strategic leader who created the company to bring agricultural consultancy, NPD, sustainability, and agritech solutions together to support you in propelling your business forward.

At Food Intelligence, the focus is on delivering technical and commercial improvements that drive policy formulation, ensure compliance, and foster positive change. With extensive practical experience in grower, food factory, and supplier management, including a deep expertise in protected salads, Veryan, as a sector expert, is equipped to address your unique challenges.

Combining technical proficiency, consultancy expertise, and strategic support to help you navigate the complexities of the agricultural landscape, whether you require stakeholder engagement, visionary leadership, or retailer partnership management, Veryan can offer tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. With her wealth of experience in agricultural production, factory management, and commercial operations, she offers a depth and breadth of knowledge that sets Food Intelligence apart as a professional consultancy service.

Why Choose Food Intelligence as Your Agribusiness Consultant?



Utilising her extensive industry experience and sector knowledge, Veryan can act as a trusted partner, providing strategic guidance and advisory services tailored to your unique needs, from technical expertise to commercial insights. 


Stakeholder Engagement

Specialising in stakeholder engagement strategies, Veryan can support you to effectively communicate your vision, build partnerships, and foster collaborative initiatives to industry leaders, regulators, and community members.


Independent Non-Exec

As an independent Non-Exec, Veryan  provides objective and strategic guidance to boards, helping you to navigate complex challenges, ensure compliance, and drive sustainable growth. With a keen focus on governance, risk management, and performance evaluation, she adopts a collaborative approach to enhance decision-making processes, promote accountability, and maximise long-term value.



Veryan offers personalised mentoring services to support career advancement, leadership development, and business growth in agricultural, horticultural, and agritech sectors, using her expertise and extensive industry knowledge.

Testimonials from my clients and partners

“Veryan is brilliant to work with and a real gem in our industry. She has an amazingly positive "can do" attitude and approaches challenge in a way that inspires those around her to succeed. When I first moved into Fresh Produce Veryan took me under her wing and was a huge help in developing my product knowledge, but she was also open to understanding my point of view through a different lens. The art of a good leader! Well respected and recognised in her field, Veryan adds a real spark to those she works alongside and is a huge asset to the companies she works with. "

Andrew Holt, Product Quality Assurance Manager, Waitrose & Partners

“Veryan’s a great commercial and technical lead - expert, creative, thoughtful and great to work with. I always valued her input and know how much value she adds.”

David Croft, Global Head of Sustainability, Reckitt

“If you need assistance within your business and a job well done, Veryan can bring a wealth of experience and skill to handle your requirements. As well as an enviable contacts list, industry knowledge and experience at the highest levels. Veryan is commercially astute, understanding the pressure horticultural businesses face. Working with Veryan you soon realise she is focused, driven and very efficient.”

Nick Denham, Director of Operations, Plant Raisers Ltd

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